Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Tale of Four Gamers: Situational Update

+++++ Incoming Transmission +++++
++Source [Planet-side]: Stealth Team – Silent Death++
++Destination [High Orbit]: A Whisper in the Void – Shas’O Kunas++
++Priority: Urgent/Operational++

[Unintelligible]... Deamon Prince appeared above Ork shanty. Witnessed talking to largest ... [Unintelligible]… appears a truce has been reached between the Ork and Chaos forces. Chaos and Ork reinforcements have been witnessed entering the camp. Composition unknown. Large vehicle construction … [unintelligible] … completion estimated 15 Rotaa. Large road being made in the rough direction of the Gue’la bastion, estimated completion time 10 Rotaa. Run’al discovered …[unintelligible]…
Pursued by Ork forces … [unintelligible]… compromised…

++[/Transmission Ends – Terminated at source]++


+++++ Incoming Transmission +++++
++Source [Vior’la]: Aun’el Vior’la Shi++
++Destination [Galactic sector 065:034//System 43B]: A Whisper in the Void – Shas’O Kunas++
++Carrier: Messenger Drone LR56-3BA-89++
++Reference: Reinforcements++

Greetings Shas’O Kunas,
I am pleased to hear the campaign is progressing well, although I grieve for the loss of your fallen warriors. I find solace in the teachings of Commander Brightsword, remember a life given in pursuit of the Tau’va is a life well spent and a worthy goal of any Tau.

I have been keeping abreast of your campaign. It worries me that the composition of the enemy forces is greater then we first estimated. To this end you are authorised to use any and all means to achieve our objectives. However it pleases me to inform you that I have been able to despatch a small contingent of elite forces to aid your efforts. They should be arriving shortly after you receive this message. In your absence the Fio have been developing a new, improved battle suit. I believe you will find it most effective. Its current classification is XV9.
Fight well and with Honour

++Transmission Ends++


+++++Incoming Transmission+++++
++Source [Planet-Side]: Imperial Bastion++
++Destination[Error##Unknown::Broad Beamwidth Transmission] Intercepted++
++Priority: Error#041 Code not recognised/unavailable++

Add++ Translational subroutine [Alpha01-B// Imperial Gothic Low]

This is Major Koenig transmitting on an open channel to all blue arsed xenos that may be listening. I have received your information regards the alliance of the filthy orks and chaos scum that is polluting this planet, our scouts have confirmed your findings. Even though it pains me to have to say this, you are right that their combined strength will overrun our defences. Although I’d rather wrestle an angry grox then fight with you skinny [Untranslatable], the defence of the civilian population of this planet forces me to accept your offer.
Koenig out.

Thought for the day: Innocence proves nothing

++Transmission Ends++