Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Blog Wars Game 1


Capture and Control, Spearhead deployment.

My first game was against Siph Horridus of weemen blog and his pretty awesome looking Relictors space marine chapter.

His army can be found here although consisted of the following:

Terminator chaplain
5 x Sternguard veterans in drop pod
5 x Terminator assault sqauad
Rifleman Dreadnought
10 Tactical marines (missile, plasma)
10 Tactical marines (heavy bolter, meltagun) Rhino APC
5 x Assualt marines (Sergeant, Powerfist)
Attack Bike multimelta
Landraider Redeemer

I won the roll off for deployment and elected to go first, I wanted the opportunity to pop his landraider before the terminators got too close.
I set up in the corner that would give my railguns maximum fire arcs into his deployment area, pathfinders deployed into the building to make maximum use of their marker lights. The Devilfish deployed to the far left of my deployment area so I could make a push for his objective with the fire knife battlesuits late game.

Siph deployed the majority of his army behind the trees, landraider at the front, his tactical squad with missile combat squading one half taking the objective the other sitting on the hill with the missile launcher. His dreadnought sat in the trees.

Siph failed to seize the initiative.

Turn 1:
I mainly shuffled my forces round a bit to try and get better fire arcs on his army, a small squad of firewarriors embarked the devilfish and started moving slowly towards his objective but enough. My Shas’El started to move towards the ruins forward of my deployment to intercept the landraider with his meltagun if need be. My broadsides took advantage of their ASS to line up and shoot the landraider.

Shooting saw the pathfinders markerlight the landraider which combined with the broadsides to remove that threat, his assault terminators would now be foot slogging it across the board. On my left flank my squad of fire knifes immobilised the dreadnought in the trees. Hammerhead missed the Rhino. Everything else was out of range. My assault move was just moving battlesuits back into cover.

In Siphs’ turn his drop pod landed in my deployment area disgorging it’s cargo of sternguard with Tigurius. His terminators started the long march towards my lines. The assault squad moved behind the ruins my shas el was moving towards, closely followed by the rhino.
His shooting didn’t cause me any problems, with the sternguard turning one squad of firewarriors into fish pasta bake. The dreadnought, missile and attack bike failing to do any damage to my vehicles.

Turn 2:
I brought Farsight and co to bear on the sternguard, and doubled my shas el back to help. The large squad of firewarriors sitting on the objective moved round to fire on them as did the broadsides. The devilfish continued moving towards his objective followed by the fireknifes. The hammer head moved to bring its guns on the attack bike.
In the shooting phase Tigirius and co disappeared in a hail of pulse, plasma, missiles, and supersonic projectiles. In an epic display of shooting ineptitude the fireknifes and hammerhead failed to take care of the attack bike.

The Relictors continued their advance with the terminators running forward, his assault squad moved around the ruins ready for a charge into my lines next turn. His terminators ended in a position to charge next turn as well. The attack bike drove behind some ruins and shot at my hammerhead, failing to hit. His missile launcher bounced off of my devilfish.

Turn 3:
My spare squad of firewarriors and battlesuits turned up. The battlesuits landed near his dreadnought, with the intention of pouring fire into his combat squad on the objective, the additional firewarriors came on behind my objective just reinforce it. Movement wise, I placed the pretty much everything I had available in range of the terminators.
After pouring pretty much my entire armies worth of fire into the termintors they died. The newly arrived battle suits killed off two marines in the combat squad. In the assault phase I moved my shas’el into the open, closing the charge from the assault squad into the firewarriors. (meant sacrificing my Shas’el, but worth it to hold the objective). The fireknifes continued on to his objective behind the advancing devilfish.

Siph moved his assault squad to charge my Shas’El, closely followed by his rhino full of tacticals, his attack bike moved around to try for my hammer head again. Shooting saw his immobilised dreadnought fire at my deep striked battlesuits. His missile launcher once more proved ineffective against my devilfish, as did his attack bike against my hammerhead. His combat squad fired at my battlesuits stripping them of their drone protection.
In the assault phase the assault squad killed off the Shas’El for no loss.

Turn 4:
Farsight and the two squads of firewarriors surrounded the assault squad, while the devilfish, fireknifes and firestorm battlesuits moved to kill the combat squad on his objective.
Once the shooting had ended the assault squad was down to their sergeant and the combat squad was no more. Farsight charged the assault squad sergeant, killing him then consolidated so that the squad in the rhino couldn’t reach the objective. 

Siph was down to precious few options now, he had half a tactical squad on a hill facing off against my squad of fireknifes, firestorms and devilfish and a full tactical squad in a Rhino which couldn’t reach the objective. He drove forwards and rotated his rhino, disembarking the tactical marines. He turbo boosted his attack bike behind the ruin where the rhino and assault squad had previously been. His shooting caused no casualties (that I remember).

Turn 5:
Farsight and my firewarriors moved to fire on the disembarked tactical marines, while the hammerhead and broadsides aimed to take out the rhino. On the far side of the field the devilfish moved to claim the objective with the fireknifes and firestorms running to surround it.
I fired the sub munitions round at the back of the rhino catching all ten marines in the blast, slaying four of them. Rapid fire plasma and pulse rounds killed all but 2 of the others. The broadsides wrecked the rhino preventing it from contesting the objective. Farsight finished off the remaining tacticals in combat. (kill tally of three marines thus far), consolidating so that the bike couldn’t turbo boost onto my objective.

I think Siph realised at this point that the game was more or less over. After measuring a few times his remaining combat squad couldn’t reach my guys on his objective, nor his attack bike my objective. He gave up at this point.

Honestly, I think winning first turn and nailing his landraider was the deciding point in this game, with his terminators and chaplain left to foot slog it across a killing field, it made his hardest hitting unit ineffective and I was able to ignore them to concentrate on more immediate concerns (drop podding sternguard).

Siph was a fantastic person to play against and I would happily play him again at the next blog wars. I hope he had as much fun in the game as I did.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Blog Wars 2011: Result

After a fantastic days worth of gaming with people around the UK at Blog Wars, I have to say a huge thanks to Alex at from the Fang for organising everything, you couldn’t have done a better job. It was a hugely enjoyable day and everyone that I spoke to seemed to be really enjoying themselves.

After my 3 games I ended up placing 3rd with 2 wins and a draw separated from second place by a narrow margin in victory points. This is far better then I expected to place, given the inherent weaknesses in the Tau codex I would have been more then happy with a mid table finish. I have to admit that given my performance in the recent ASMOH tournament I was feeling a little underwhelmed with my Taus recent performance.

Every opponent that I faced was a great opponent to play against and I hope to play against them again in the future. I will include full battle reports and photos over the next few days as I get chance to write them, but for now I’ll just write-up a quick summary.

Game 1: Spearhead, Capture and Control.
Vs. Siph Horridus of Weemen blog (Relictors space marines) **Apologies for incorrect information**

This game started off well for me, I crippled his army in the opening stages by destroying his landraider leaving his hammer terminator unit to foot slog it across the board, I was pretty much able to concentrate my fire on individual units as they became a threat. Allowing me to secure my own objective and make a dash for his. Unfortunately Siph wasn’t able to recover from his earlier losses and handed in the towel at turn 5.

Victory and 30 points for the Tau

Game 2: Dawn of war, kill points
Vs. Ginge of need more tanks (Orks)

Whenever I play Ginge and we roll (or get given) Dawn of war games, I have a habit of always winning 1st turn, this game was no different. Ginge was unable to seize. By targeting his transports early and leaving the majority of his units stuck far from combat I was able to more or less dictate the course of this battle. Ginge seemingly being unable to make a 4+ cover save didn’t help him at all though as his bikes dropped like flies to anything that shot in their general direction.

Victory and a further 30 points for the Tau

Game 3: Pitched battle, 5 objectives
Vs Andy Pattison, Sons of Sanguinius

After losing first turn I knew this was going to be an uphill battle (hell it’s bad enough playing Guard with Tau as it is). Andy more or less dominated the game, with me taking heavy casualties in the first couple of turns (couldn’t make a cover or invulnerable save at all). With the game coming to a close, I had a squad of fire warriors clinging onto one objective for dear life, while Andy held 3. I was able to charge into combat with one large squad to drag them off their objective while contesting another with gundrones (got to love them drones for that). Game went the full 7 turns, and on the final round of combat I failed 4 out of 5 armour saves. Andys consolidation roll was too low to get back into range of the objective.

Draw and 10 points for the Tau

So despite my final third place position, there is still stuff that I would have done differently. The main thing though would have been to avoid taking Farsight. Had I known about the allowance of forge world goodies, I would have taken Shas’O Ra’ail (sp?). This guy would have had a bigger impact on the games then Farsight by a long shot. The XV9 armour and specialist ammo would have had a greater impact then the dawn blade.

Overall though, I had a fantastic day and would definitely sign up for the next one.