Monday, 30 November 2009

ToFG: End of Month One

Well it has been a long old slog this month for ToFG, and I regret to say that at the end of the day.... I still couldn't find any sand to base the crisis suits with. So I'll leave whether my inability to but sand in the only weekend I've had off this month go against me.

Anyway, without further ado onto the photos:

Well now I let the judges decide my worth. Have at it guys

Friday, 27 November 2009


Right then people, time for some more ToFG photos. This time as you can tell by the post heading, I will be showing some photos of my firewarriors.

Comment and constructive criticism more then welcome. Work on the battlesuits and drones continue. Hopefully be able to bring pictures of them on monday.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Magnetic Attraction..?

As some of you may know, for my ToFG army I'm constructing a Tau army. My original intention is to have magnets to hold weapons in place, due to the nauture of tau battlesuits and, when constructed, my ever evolving game-plan. I thought it would be nice to be able to switch the weapons.

Over the past few evenings I have constructed three battle suits each with 6 little magnets at strategic locations. This has proved a royale pain in the arse to do, the magnets are fidely and have a tendency to not stick to plastic with super glue. But an amazing ability to stick to me. Whats really annoying though is when you finally get one in place and then realise the polarity is wrong. Which has happened numerous times.

Oh well, least its done now, just got to paint the things (and four drones) in 5 days. Working 3 off them. 12 hour shifts. I'll guess a roughly 40% chance of it happening

Monday, 23 November 2009

ToFG month 2 painting list

For next month. I shall be painting.

2xdevilfish approx 200points
10xfirewarriors approx 120 points
3xcrisis suits approx 150 points
1xbroadside approx 90 points

List in on time was the easy bit. :-)

Sunday, 22 November 2009


Last saturday I had a 5000 point apocalypse game against Ginge. Black Templars and titans vs Imperial guard.

I had written my army list based around an anti tank force. Knowing Ginge owns quite a few baneblades and variants (about 6). I decided the heavy hitters have to come out:

My Army:

Reaver titan (bols variant rules)
Warhound titan

Terminator chaplain
2 x Landraider crusaders
2 x Rhinos
2 x Multimelta dreads in pods
Terminator assault squad
Emperors champion
Terminator Squad with assault cannons/tankhunters

3 x 10 man crusader squads
predator annaliator.
damocles rhino
6 man crusader squad


  • Troops can only claim objectives
  • Anything can contest
  • Troops have to be above 50% to claim
  • Can attempt to seize the initiative
After sorting out the deployment lines, the black templars won the roll for table edge and also bidded the lowest for deployment time.

We played on a 6'x6' table

After deploying most of my army, with the exception of the two drop podding dreads. Ginge announced that he would be playing a guard infantry horde list. Darn.

We used paint pots as objective markers. Lacking anything to use as an objective at this point

Ginge had 5 callidus assassins which he used to move my transports into difficult terrain. Knowing my luck with difficult terrain tests (I tend to roll a lot of ones when making them).

Ginges army was literally a forest of men.

Turn 1:
As expected the rearmost landraider immobilised itself on the first difficult terrain tests, effectively crippling its effectiveness for the rest of the game. The rest of the difficult terrain tests were made with no problems. The rest of my army advanced relatively slowly pouring fire into the guard defence lines (3+ cover save is annoying). the titans turbo lasers wiping a couple of squads from existence (I'm not sure about this but I think the turbo lasers remove the barricades but we forgot if that is the case).

The heavy firepower took a heavy toll on the guardsmen. it was like a drop in the ocean though

The guardsmens return fire wasn't as effective as ginge would like. The most effective shots immobilised 1 rhino and destroyed the second one. Of great amusement was the two primaris pyschers (spelling?) both rolling double 6 for their perils of the warp test, leading to them both promptly being shot by commissars. It's for their own good though :-P

Turn 2:

The templars steadily move forward hosing down waves of guardsmen

On my second turn my army moved forward hosing down swathes of guardsmen. The titans continued to pour fire into the massed ranks causing horrific casualties.
High note: Yarrick was cut down due to fearless wounds when his squad was massacred.

On the guard second turn numerous callidus assassins and psyker battle squads turn up. Ginges (admittedly brilliant) idea of using the PBS to reduce my leadership to 2 then hit me with the flamer template gun of the callidus (meaning 2s to kill). Combined with the callidus subsequent charge more or less wiped out one squad of templars and the terminators, the third smaller squad of templars luckily weren't effected by the PBS but were still charged by a callidus, the lone surviving marine and callidus spent the next three combat phases trading blows in an epic show of ineptitude on both parts. Yarrick stood up again and charged my 6 remaining marines from the other squad. Killing 3 of them.

Over the following turns the templars continued to waste guardsmen by the bucket load, while ginge was more surgically taking out anything I had left to claim objectives. The straken bomb was dropped off of the green valkyrie wiping out the remaining squad of black templars with the help of marbos demo charge. They were subsequently taken out by the reavers turbo laser.

On the final turn the heavy weapons squad near the dead valkyrie (green) claimed one objective, while the other valkyrie positioned itself to drop off the embarked convict squad in the event of another turn.

Looking at the remains of ginges' army; I valkyrie with penal troopers, 1 lascannon and a lone assassin. In comparison to my 2 dreads, drop pods, four terminators, (immobilised) landraider, predator annaliator, (immobilised) damocles rhino, and two titans. i was clearly in the stronger position.
Despite this ginge still lived to claim the objective.

All in all a good, and different, game. Congratulations to ginge for the win.

Thursday, 12 November 2009



Look what forgeworld have just released. Would buy some however the burst cannons put me off. Burst cannons and twin linked heavy flamer would be nice though.

Ooohhh ...Shiney..

Having recently received £20 of GW vouchers for my birthday from my lovely sister (thanks Caroline!) and with the other money I was given. I decided to take advantage of the Games-workshops on-line stores free delivery for this month.
To that effect I have ordered the following:
-1 Blister pack of pathfinders with rail rifles
-1 Devilfish transport
-1 squad of firewarriors
-1 Hammerhead

So can anyone guess what I'm going to be painting for the next month of tofg?

This leaves me with not an awful lot left to buy for my tau, the one danger I have is rumours of the new dex being around march time. Bet they release all the cool new models the month after we finish tofg. joy!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Decisions Decisions


Look what I got for my birthday. An amzing present from my lovely girlfriend. I get the feeling that this is going to have an unfortunate impact on this months painting however. That is until my girlfriend gets addicted and I can't get access to my xbox.

At least I managed to basecoat 11 firewarriors at the weekend, so all is not lost yet.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Tau Hammerhead

Well as promised here are some photos of my hammerhead gunship. This is nearly completed, a few minor details need to be added here and there but nothing major.

I decided to go for the 'speckled' camouflage effect as I prefer this method to the block/stripped effect.

After seeing the orange stripes on Adams (of warhammer tau) vehicles I though this would look striking next to the green camo. Certainly more so then the blue I originally tried.

The Railgun is held in place by a magnet to allow easy swapping of weapons. So if the Ion cannon is worth taking in the next codex I can.

Friday, 6 November 2009

Email blogging

Apparantly I can update my blog via email. Seems pretty cool to me. So
of I'm on the move I can update my blog via email. Be useful for
battle reports.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

TOFG; So far this month

So far this month I must admit I haven't made any real progress on my painting. With a high priority project at work taking 13 hours of my day for the next 9 days at least. This trend looks set to continue.
I have however managed to basecoat my hammerhead, I'll try to get some photos up of it as work progresses, although it would probably work out better to do this with my devilfish.

So not looking good so far