Thursday, 17 December 2009

A bit of background


As two of the other participants in ToFG are writing a bit of background for their armies. I thought it fitting that I do the same for my tau army, not to mention that it's entirely fluffy. So here is my attempt at creative writing.

O'Kunas watched carefully as the scenes of battle replayed on the viewer. As much as he told himself it was to gain tactical insight into his enemies, there was a slight sense of satisfaction in seeing the barbaric Orks and vermin Gue'la butchering each other in the ancient ruins of the previous human settlers of this planet. He wondered briefly what brought the humans back here after so long. Whatever it was they wouldn't succeed.
          There was a tense moment on the Tau stealth-ship when the Imperial Valkyrie had nearly crashed into the stealth shielded reconnaissance drone. However the humans remained ignorant of the Tau's presence.
         "Shas'O?" Enquired a respectful voice from the back of the command deck, "It seems the Gue'la and Orks are determined to kill each other. How do you wish to proceed?"
         "Their conflict will serve to sow confusion amongst the Gue'la forces, it will shadow our movements, allow us to strike hard and fast where they least expect it. Commander Shadowsun has ordered us to secure this planet within the next three months. We will succeed."
         O'Kunas turned to face his second "So El'Savon what news from the pathfinders teams to the south?"
         "They have engaged and destroyed a small Gue'la outpost, opening a small hole in the humans defensive grid. The Fio estimate that it will be several weeks before the Gue'la have the time and resources to rebuild."
          O'Kunas considered this for a few seconds. "That is our opportunity then, we will land a spearhead, take out whatever resistance remains. Our forces will then engage in hit and run attacks against both the Gue'la and Ork forces."
          "Would it not be more productive to allow our foes to destroy each other?"
          "I have considered this possibility, By my estimates both sides are fairly evenly matched, If we allow this conflict to continue we risk not being in the strongest position when their reinforcements arrive."
          "Very well Shas'O." Replied  El'Savon, He hesitated before asking his next question. "What of the marines? the ones that don't follow the humans corpse god?". 
          O'Kunas paused, the so called chaos marines presence was worrying. They were an unknown variable, their attacks seemed to lack any sort of military cohesion, appearing at random across the planet. How they had gotten onto the planet also remained a mystery. Their own ship was equipped with an advanced Cloaking Field and sensor technology which kept them hidden from the ork junker floating near the edge of the system and the Gue'la orbitals. However no sign of any chaos starship had been detected.
           "They are of no concern for the moment, we pursue our goals first. We force the humans to quit the planet, engaging and destroying the Orks as we encounter them. Once we have Established a strong military presence we deal with the chaos marines when their agenda becomes clear. El'Savon, you will lead the spearhead."
          "As you wish Shas'O, For the Tau'va"
          "For the Tau'va"

Monday, 14 December 2009

ToFG: No games and painting update

Well as you probably expected due to the lack of a battle report this weekend no gaming took place.
Have to head to the local GW see if I can get a game in there at some point.

Painting thus far this month hasn't really been going too well thus far. With the only day I have realy had off work been spent Christmas shopping. However in the little spare time I have had available. I have managed to assemble two devilfish, 12 firewarriors, 3 crisis suits and cleaned most of the mould marks off of the weapons and firewarriors. The Crisis suits have also had magnets glued into drilled recesses at certain points. All of these have also been undercoated and base coated. Hopefully when I start my holiday I'll be able to start painting proper.

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Death Guard saturday

I have been having a look at the models I have available for this weekends game against death guard. After looking through the dex I think my best net against the plague marines are fireknife configured crisis suits. followed by an ion cannon armed hammerhead gunship.
so my list will consist of the following:
-ShasO plasma rifle, missile pod, multi traker, bonding knife, stimulant injector 127
-2xShas'ui plasma rifle, missile pod, drone controllers, 1 shield drones, 2 gun drones 154
-Shas'el cyclic ion blaster,missile pod,bonding knife, 2 gun drones 102
-2xShas'ui missile pod TL, fusion blaster, 110
-8 firewarriors teamleader, in fish with pods and multi tracker 185 (x2)
-Ion head,dis pods, multi tracker, burst cannons 130
total 993

I'm expecting the fireknifes to get one round of shooting in before they attract attention. The army is quite manoueverable and should cover 12" a turn quite easily. hopefully allowing me to deal wiith o.e elememt of the opposition at a time.

well thats the plan anyway. :-P

First ToFG game

This weekend should see my tau facing their first match. 1000 point game against my mates death guard.

I think to be fair to myself I am going to struggle in this game. With it taking on average 24 pulse rifle shots to kill a single plague marine. I am going to have to put my faith in fireknife crisis suits to get the job done. I think I may also have to get some path finders together to help with the to hit rolls.

Should be fun anyway.