Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Compliance 3 Immunity


As anyone who uses this software for EMC testing knows it can be a royal pain in the arse to get up and running. from the writing of equipment drivers to the flowcharts of the EUT sequencer. Kudos to the people who wrote the software initially for making it so powerful and flexible. However it’s very flexibility can make it hard to use as even the most simple tasks such as monitoring a multi-meter can seem hard at first. So If anyone out there is struggling to get certain aspects of this software up and running they should contact teseq ;-P.

However, knowing that it can sometimes be time consuming to get some things up and running. I will be making anything I write freely available to anyone that wants it. Just leave a comment with an e-mail address.

My current list is:

  • EUT Sequence for doing Mil-Std / DO160 modulation, selectable modulation. Dwell times entered in seconds. Note: the pulse modulation for Mil Std is achieved by reducing the drive level by 6dB then making the modulation depth of the square wave 99.9% using a marconi 2024 sig gen.
  • Driver for stanford research DS345 function generator, currently just controlling the level and frequency of the sine wave, intended for use by me for CS101 style tests.
  • User device driver for solartron 7150 plus for voltage measurements.
  • User device driver for Kinetiq PPA power analyser to take Total KVA/ Voltage frequency / power factor and VRMS.

IQ Drop alert


Just had a mole removed from my forehead, not as painful as it sounds but just felt my IQ drop by a good ten points when it happened!

Kat makes it all better.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Impressions on the New Guard Codex

Well I managed to get my first taste of the new Imperial Guard codex today. Two games against my mate, both for the 2000 point value vs my black templars. First game was a Pitched battle set-up with a capture and control mission type. I managed to get the first turn with ginge failing to seize the initiative. My shooting in the first turn proved as devastating as always. My landraider crusader, terminator squad, predator annaliator and dreadnought succesfully immobilizing a chimera (Joy!!). The battle came to a bit of a standstill at the end of the fifth turn with ginge holding my objective and me on the cusp of holding his. With three terminators able to contest mine in the next turn and almost certainty of getting his (two difficult terrain tests of 4+ and a run move of four standing between me and minimum of a draw.
The terminators successfully made it within contesting distance of my objective gunning down a few guard then charging in to finish the rest of that squad off, leaving a lone man, an officer and a nearby squad in a chimera to try and shift three terminators in ginges following turns. Unfortunately my emporers champion and associated squad rolled a three for their difficult terrain test meaning they needed a 4" run to successfully claim ginges objective. Unfortunately my run moves were as lucky as my difficult terrain moves and i rolled a 1.

so My hopes rested on the terminators surviving two melta guns, 8 lasguns and a chimera turret. All three died to the lasguns. (it must be noted that my ability to roll ones at this point was much higher then 1 in six as the lasguns that saw off my terminators belonged to a squad who had been hit by a deathwind launcher earlier. Despite hitting the enitire squad, 5 ones on the 'to wound' roll didn't help). Needless to say the roll to see if there was a 7th turn was also a one.

All in all a close game. Lessons learned: First rank fire, second rank fire hurts. even lasguns can be painful now. Vanquishers aren't that painful. They still only have a guard BS and no template. Straken hurts. Marbo can be quite nasty. i need to leave more troops near my objective. One squad of templars isn't quite enough.

Speacial mention has to go to my assault squad, that killed 1 squad of conscripts (that charged them with rending), two vanquishers and a hydra. Note 7 marines gave their lives in the destruction of these vehicles.

Which brings me on to my second game.pitched battle once again, type annaliation. First game of annaliation i've played against guard. although by coincidence we both had 15 kill points. Ginge won the first turn this time his 2 vanquishers trying to take out my predator and failing miserably, Of especially nasty was his pyscher battle squad reducing my terminators leadership to 0 thenshooting at them with almost every other weapon at his disposal. Despite this the terminators took no casualties (thankfully as even one casualty would have seen them fleeing off the board unless i rolled a double 1) This painted a big target on the chimera they were cowering in.
I won this game with i think 13 kill points to ginges 6. Special note must go out to the 10 storm troopers that bravely deepstriked into the building loosing half their number to another outbreak of ones. Although the tactic paid off killing 4 marines to rapid fire leaving one marine alone, before being turned into crispy fried trooper by my dreadnoughts heavy flamer. Once again Stracken proved to be a thorn in my side finishing off 3 terminators in combat then followed by a course of three tactical marines, then delivering the coup de grace by tearing apart a dreadnought that had the ternacity to charge him.
Despite these set backs along my back line the bulk of my force was tearing apart ginge main army towards his deployment zone.

i have to note though the Sly Marbo is a must have in a guard army. A positive steal at his points. An demo charge lobbed out of nowhere at a high BS means something valulable just died. Then ignore him at your peril. with melta bombs a AP 2 sniper pistol and a poisoned weapon in combat means he could prove to be a continuos thorn in your side unless you dig him out and kill him. More then makes back his points guareenteed.