Thursday, 28 April 2011

ASMOH practice game

Due to my ongoing commitments I haven't had any opportunity to get some practice games in with my ASMOH list. So I headed out to my local GW to try and get a game in with my 1750 point list. I ended up playing a Demon army.

Deployment: Spearhead

Mission: Multiple objectives (5)

I won the roll for first turn and let him go first, giving me chance to rush objectives at the end.

My opponents list (from memory)
(non-preferred wave)
Keeper of secrets

Nurgle Deamon prince
Tzeentch Deamon prince
15 Deamonettes

(Preferred wave)

15 Bloodletters
5 Flamers
large unit of horrors

I castled up my army towards the back of my deployment area, keeping my small squads of firewarriors next to the devilfish for claiming objectives, but wanting to keep my pulse rifles handy for deepstriking deamons. My opponent rolled and got his non-preferred wave.

Turn 1:
He placed his nurgle deamon prince in cover next to the building on my right flank containing my broadsides and pathfinders. coming in on target, His keeper of secrets did likewise in an adjacent building, also landing on target. On the other end of my deployment area his Tzeentch deamon prince landed on target in another building. The only unit to scatter was his deamonettes who scattered towards the centre of the table, in the open, in front of most of my fire lines (oh goodie :-P). He ran his large deamons further into cover to try and keep them out of line of sight the daemonettes only managed to run an inch though so they scattered as far as possible.

My shooting saw mainly shuffling of units to try and get better fire arcs on his units (if I can see a bit of it i can shoot it, discounting weapons of course) One squad of firewarriors moved up to rapid fire at his tzeentch deamon prince (looked like he had wings=had to die). with the aid of four markerlights, a squad of broadsides and a devilfish I managed to kill him off. The deamonettes ate the majority of the rest of my units and perished, leaving 2 squads of battle suits to fire on his keeper of secrets dropping him to one wound.

Turn 2:
Rolling for reserves my opponent got his bloodthrister in near the building on my right flank (broadsides pathfinders) once again not scattering. His nurgle prince targeted my broadsides with some kind of toughness test which I passed. His keeper of secrets fleet of footed towards the same building. In the assault phase his keeper of secrets assaulted up 2 floors and across a couple of inches into my broadsides in the top of the building into a space where I had to move my broadsides to make space for the his greater deamon. His nurgle prince charged the pathfinders on the lower floor wiping them out. His keeper of secrets fluffed his attacks on my broadsides causing no wounds.

My army continued shuffling around to face the main thrust of princes and greater deamons. a squadron of fireknifes and drones taking a wound off the blood thrister.the rest of my army that could see his nurgle prince cast it back into the warp. In combat his keeper of secrets killed a broadside and put a wound on the others killing one of them off. With my return attacks my broadsides didn't get a chance to hit as my shield drone heroically flew into the deamons nether regions stripping it of its final wound (go drone :-P) now who sucks in combat?

Turn 3:
His flamers turned up in the middle of a group of battlesuits and the table edge, once again not scattering. his bloodthrister lept over the building landing in front of a hammerhead. His flamers shot at my battlesuits causing 7 wounds that I apparently don't get saves from (not sure how flamers mange this but apparently they don't allow armour saves) and 1 normal wound. A bit of wound allocation later and I had two battlesuits remaining on one wound each. His greater demon was left standing over the smouldering wreck of a hammerhead.
My turn saw me embarking firewarriors onto devilfish and racing forward to claim objectives. My fire killed of his flamers and bloodthirster, eventually. My rolling had dropped to atrocious an this point. around. Even with markerlight support my suits couldn't hit the broadside of a barn, from inside the barn. But even so I had more  then sufficient firepower to kill his current forces 3x over meaning I scrapped the last wound off his bloodthrister with precious little else left to fire.

Turn 4:
Given that the store manager was telling people to start ending games, this would be the last turn. My opponent landed his bloodletters (scattering 4") and horrors (on target) on two objectives. that were quite close to me.

My turn pretty much consisted of me moving up claiming the objective closest to me and swinging my devilfish forward past his horros disembaking my firewarriors to shot them. My other fish charged towards the bloodletters camping on an objective detaching it's drones to contest that objective. (a brief debate was had with my opponent here saying that I couldn't disembark drones cos it had moved, them saying that they had to disembark from the drone holders, despite me pointing out that they act as a open-topped transport for the drones, finally settling the debate when I said that it doesn't matter either way as they are going to be able to contest the objective with their assault move in any case)

End of game

My opponent seemed quite surprised when I stated that I had won. with 2 objectives contested and the other firmly in my hands. Even with another turn. I had plenty of forces left to carry on contesting the two contested objectives while holding my own. Had I even bothered with my 4th shooting phase His horrors would have been wiped out.

So my practice game went alright, the army worked quite well on the restricted table size with probably too much terrain most of it line of sight blocking, ideal for his highly accurate deepstriking units.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Tyranids Colour Scheme!!

Admittedly it's probably a little late to have just finalised my colour scheme for the tale of eight gamers, being well into phase 2 now. However I have now had chance to get down and do some painting without being disturbed too much.

However this is my final colour scheme for my Tyranids (note it isn't actually as shiny as the first photo looks, bloody flash :-P):

Monday, 11 April 2011

Brace For Battle

(Shamelessly copied due to laziness)
One of my friends will be running a 40k combat patrol doubles tournament at his local gaming group in Portsmouth (UK) on the 28th May this year. The details are available here, though it will be following the very successful Winds of War format established by Bracknell Forest Gamers.

For those who wish to attend as singles he set aside a section of their club forum here so you can chat to like minded people and arrange teams ahead of the day.

Anyone who is interested feel free to ask him any questions you may have here, and other than that hope to hear from you soon with army list submissions :o)

I'll certainly be hoping to go. With ASMOH, blog wars and BFB coming up, looks like it's going to be a busy few weeks for me.