Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Compliance 3 Immunity

As anyone who uses this software for EMC testing knows it can be a royal pain in the arse to get up and running. from the writing of equipment drivers to the flowcharts of the EUT sequencer. Kudos to the people who wrote the software initially for making it so powerful and flexible. However it’s very flexibility can make it hard to use as even the most simple tasks such as monitoring a multi-meter can seem hard at first. So If anyone out there is struggling to get certain aspects of this software up and running they should contact teseq ;-P.

However, knowing that it can sometimes be time consuming to get some things up and running. I will be making anything I write freely available to anyone that wants it. Just leave a comment with an e-mail address.

My current list is:

  • EUT Sequence for doing Mil-Std / DO160 modulation, selectable modulation. Dwell times entered in seconds. Note: the pulse modulation for Mil Std is achieved by reducing the drive level by 6dB then making the modulation depth of the square wave 99.9% using a marconi 2024 sig gen.
  • Driver for stanford research DS345 function generator, currently just controlling the level and frequency of the sine wave, intended for use by me for CS101 style tests.
  • User device driver for solartron 7150 plus for voltage measurements.
  • User device driver for Kinetiq PPA power analyser to take Total KVA/ Voltage frequency / power factor and VRMS.

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