Thursday, 4 February 2010

Tale of Four Gamers: Tournament army list

For the third month of the tale of four gamers, there was a mini tournament between the competitors; GingeSoundwave & Noveltyboy. Full details of the tournament rules can be found here.

For this list I would be using the models that I have painted over the last three months. So my list for the tournament was as follows:

Shas'el: Plasma Rifle, Missile pod, multitracker, hardwired multi tracker with 2 shield drones, bonding knife 122pts

Crisis Team 1: 2xShas'ui with plasma rifle and  TL missile pod

Crisis Team 2: 2xShas'ui, 1xShas'vre, 2flamers and TL missile pod on the ui, AFP, missile pod, HW drone controller with 2 gun drones, bonding knife and multitracker on the vre.

Firewarriors x 7 shas'ui with bonding knife (x2)
Firewarriors x 7

Pathfinders x 5 railrifle x1  (x2)
Devilfish, disruption pods, flechettes (x2)

Hammerhead, railgun, burst cannons, multitracker, flechettes, disruption pods (x2)
Broadside shas'ver, plasma rifles, HW targetting array, HW multitracker, Drone controller 2 x shield drones bonding knife.

This was the list i took to the tournament. Think i might have to mix it up a little for the apocalypse game.
Any thoughts?