Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The red sea

Managed to get down to my local GW this evening for a quick game. I arrived relatively early so I could book a table and have a look at the games being played. Of the 8 players present, there were no fewer then 3 blood angels armies. All of them barely past basecoat stage of painting.
So I guess this means I'm going to be seeing a lot of red in my local metagame. The game I ended up watching was between an eldar and BA army. I felt sorry for the eldar player as the blood angels decimated his army. At the end of the game. The remains of the eldar army was being smacked around by Dante, the Sanguinator, Lemartes with a full death company and a baal predator in their lines. The tactical squad and veteran assault squad seemed to be getting quite bored with having nothing to do.
With two seer councils, eldrad, two squads of dire avengers, wraithlord, pathfinders, banshees and a fire prism. This didn't seem like a pushover eldar list either.
From what I have seen, it seems the Blood Angels are the army to have at the moment. As a tau player I don't think we have many options to counter the blood angels. Outflanking Baal predators means side shots, maybe rear, into your hammerheads. Kroot walls would be largely ineffective against marines that can accurately deepstrike then charge. Piranhas may have some joy at slowing down fast rhinos for a turn. But assault marines just laugh and jump over you. On the brighter side however, strength 5 basic weapons hurt mephisto more. On the whole, Blood angels are more survivable then regular marines (assuming feel no pain) can get to you quicker, and hit a hell of a lot harder. Have to try atnd get a game in against them, shouldn't be too hard to find a player.


  1. "deepstrike then charge"

    Huh? Apart from Vanguard vets (which regular marines also have) where does this come from? If someone is doing this I think they're cheating...

    On the flip side, isn't two seer councils AND eldrad 3 HQ choices..?

  2. Yes normal marines can do it. But with the descent of angels rules, the blood angels get to reroll the reserve roll and only scatter 1D6 inches. taking away most of the risks involved.
    the seer council is a farseer retinue so doesn't take up an hq slot.

  3. Since when can normal Blood Angels charge after a deepstrike? Or have I mis-read this conversation and that's not what you're saying?

  4. I think he's saying Vanguard are better because the deep strike then assauly trick is more effective when combined with descent of angels.

    Either that or he has got it wrong yes :oP

  5. Descent of Angels + Vanguard = Awesome

    Its quite gutting they're ability doesn't work an IC attached, because imagine the havoc wrought with Dante. But that would be so broken :P

  6. Assault squads + sanguinary priests = awesome, vanguard + decent of angels = awesome, Baal Predator + Fast +outflank = awesome.

    Blood angels codex = Maybe a little too awesome. (Or as the local GW staff put it, Sick and wrong)

  7. I wouldn't say it's too overly awesome, I think there are a few pitfalls and chinks. I'm not going to talk about them though because I want to collect them :P

  8. Rather you're not going to talk about them because you can't think of any. :-P
    People thought the original BT codex was OP because I ran towards the enemy when failing a moral check. Good luck convincing people BA aren't a little over the top.
    thought the nerf bat had come out for tyranids. looks like they put it away again. :-)