Saturday, 31 July 2010

WIP: Farsight build completed

Here is the final Farsight build. All that really remains to be completes is a little tidying up of the green stuff. I wanted this to look significantly different to a standard crisis suit. To this end I have given him double jointed legs, to give him a greater sense of agility, which isn't really conveyed by the standard GW farsight model. 
I moved the plasma rifle to a shoulder mount with a little bit of a standoff from a normal standard backpack mount, predator style. The back-pack was made from a space marine jump pack and standard Tau Jet pack. His shoulder pad has been bulked up to make it look a bit heavier armoured along with the front part of the suits body.His shield is made from a standard shield generator with four pulse rifles coming off it. The aim of the pulse rifles is too support a clear plastic 'force field' insert. But I don't want to add this till I have finished painting the model for obvious reasons.


  1. Looks good, I def need to practice more with greenstuff i always leave fingerprints and can really only use it for filling holes, Ive seen people build whole models with it :P

  2. Thanks Mr Esty.
    I need to practice my green stuffing as well. Unfortunately I don't really get that much opportunity, could do with getting my hands on some proper sculpting tools rather then trying to use a disposable scalpel and a wooden toothpick :-P

  3. "give him a greater sense of agility, which isn't really conveyed by the standard GW farsight model" - that's a very diplomatic way of saying the GW model looks like a startled turkey :oP

    The green stuff work looks bloody good, regardless of what tools you're using. I couldn't see the back or side of the model from the pic you emailed me, the green stuff on the ankles and the base of the sword look very well done.

    Good idea with the shield, I'd assumed the two guns I saw were just weaponry, but from the side angle I can see the other ones and see what you're thinking now. Looks good mate :o)