Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Recent activity

Unfortunately due to ongoing stuff at work my recent activity has been fairly limited. Mainly due to lots of overtime. Which is nice because I want a new TV soon. :P
I have managed to make a start on painting Farsight, but given the speed of my painting, slow, I wouldn't expect to have him finished before the end of the month. I did manage to get two games in against my friends imperial guard the other week. Suffice to say I lost both games. Partially due to bad planning on my part, concentrated more on trying to kill his hidden hydras rather then achieve he mission objectives. Poor rolling for morale and fall back didn't help much. Also marbo was a royal pain in the broadside.
Generally though I was outplayed by Ginge. I just couldn't get past his cover, even with pathfinder support. Although I did make about 80% of my disruption pod saves.
Highlight of the games include the following:
-Farsights bodyguard taking 3 wounds rolling triple 2. Third time I've managed this feat.
-XV9 suits losing 3 shield drones to rapid fire lasguns! Failing their morale check and falling back 16" off the table by 1" grr.
-Broadsides being wiped to a single man and a drone by marbo.
-broadside firing plasma gun at marbo who passes his gone to ground save, broadside follows up by charging marbo (stupid stupid). Who kills a drone, broadside is then swept leaving marbo no longer pinned (stupid).
I think a rematch might be in order. This time with me actually concentrating on the game.


  1. The first game was fairly one sided, though the second game you should have won. You would have won, if you'd concentrated a little less on trying to kill me and a little more on trying to beat me. Never lose sight of the objectives, especially with Escalation coming up :o)

  2. would have been nice if the first one ended on turn 5. would have a draw, and the second game ended turn 7 probably a draw/victory for me rather then the other way round.
    I think I need to get my act together to get a list ready for escalation.

  3. Have learnt the hard way to never rely on haveing another turn try and get yourself in a winning postion by turn 5 and hope you can hold it for turns 6 and 7. The thing with the variable turns is now 40k is in effect a 5 turn game so you have to be one turn ahead all the time

  4. Yeah, I think I need to practice a bit more. Hopefully be able to get a few games in at the local GW at some point.