Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Escalation 2010 Armies

I managed to get a few photos of the armies present at escalation this year. so thought I'd put up a few photos of them.
An actual chaos army!
Chaos wolves!
Orkies with a rather nice trike mounted warboss
Space wolves!
Zombie horde army. (My round 1 opponent)

Although I think one of the best armies present was the Eldar army, shown below. Looks awesome, the judges must have thought likewise as well as it won best painted.


  1. Is that an actual Servants of Decay list (the zombie + PM one)? Kudos to the event for allowing some things like that in.

  2. It's from an imperial armour book. Not sure about the name of the army, just lots of plague zombies for 6 points each and a character that gave them furious charge. I think most people dreaded playing against the army. good laugh though. I enjoyed that game.

  3. Yeah, that would be from IA7: Siege of Vraks part III. Fun list.

  4. Good pics - did love that Eldar army.

    I think the zombie leader character had some Master of Necromancy title (or was it a special rule?) or something if that helps narrow it down a bit.

    I do like Bracknell as they demand painted armies and allow fun fluffy lists to be entered. It's a nice intro to tournament gaming for me - tournaments with "clean shaven" opponents as opposed to the alternative ;oP

  5. Oh, and I spotted "Wally" ;oP

  6. congratulations on the wally spotting ginge.
    It was refreshing that they allowed lists like that. brings a bit of extra variety. I enjoy visiting the bracknell club as well, most of the players there seem far more interested in just having a laugh then being ultra competitive. The people running the events are good fun and relaxed, the tables are great with plenty of variety. Wish there was a club like that closer to where I live. Maybe I should start one..

  7. We have a fairly relaxed atmosphere at our club - I allowed Imperial Armour units to be used in our last campaign, and I remember playing against a Dwarf Slayer list that came dead last one fantasy tournament :oP

    You probably could start your own club, but it might be best to judge the interest first. Maybe put your idea on the classifieds see if you get any responses interested in you starting a club up. Find a local venue, see what they charge and thus how much club dues would have to be. You'd probably start off playing on bare table tops but as the club grows you could maybe get a dedicated group of players to invest in the club. I'd certainly recommend looking to see if there's any interest first though - I found a couple of wargaming groups in your area that don't do 40k, perhaps contact one and find out why? Or if any attendees there would have any interest in a club for that.