Tuesday, 22 March 2011

This made me laugh

Saw the following on the gamesworkshop website a few days ago, brought a smile to my face.
How awesome is the carnifex ??
Not sure about you, but I personally would have expected the creature with the better stats and force weapon to win this one. Although, I would have forgone the hammerhand and instead took the 50/50 chance of wounding on 4 attacks, to use the force weapon to kill the carnifex outright before it could breath on you.

To me it seems GW have switched from one approach to the other and then back again, with the Guard codex they wanted to sell loads of Valkyries, which I can't blame them for as they are fantastic models, however as further incentive they made them (and variants) really really cheap, points wise.
With the Tyranid codex they wanted to sell loads of their new Trygon kit, once again a fantastic model, however the approach they have taken with this one is to make all other monstrous creatures unreasonably expensive.
Now, with the Grey Knights codex they have made the dreadknight really cheap. 


  1. Not that hard... charged one with Straken, a medic and a priest. Dead for the loss of the medic. Admittedly if Straken hadn't passed his 5++ save then I imagine he'd have got force weaponed out of existance too, but striking simultaneously he'd already done 75% of the damage, it was the priest who finished the lug off...

    And I gotta admit, it's an awesome model... I'm tempted to get one and stick power loader claws on it for an updated Alien theme force. And another one I can stick Orky bitz on to look like a looted deff dread. And possibly one with just a couple of mega guns if I ever feel like doing a Matrix theme idea... :oP

  2. Harder then a carnifex though, Probably even footing with a standard hive tyrant. You are quite lucky with straken in that being an upgrade character, you'd have to have taken 3 wounds before taking one on Straken. Carnifexes don't have any such luxury.

    As for the model, I would like one as well :-P

  3. The Dreadknight is cheap base cost but add any weapons on and you're talking Trygon cost.

  4. Admittedly I haven't seen much information on how much it will cost to field. Hopefully the gap won't be as far apart as I fear, but then that's what poison hormaguants are for :-)

  5. 130 points base for Dreadknight comes with two doomfists which are ddcw mixed with force weapon. All extras are 25 - 40 points so taking take a greatsword and maybe psycannon will be about 200 points.

  6. I've heard it can take a portable teleporter as well for about 60 points. Would be really tempted to stick one of those on there.
    Quite nice base cost then, but expensive extras, guess it's not too bad then. my carnifex can sleep a little easier now :-P

  7. My copy goes off the screen so I cannot tell. I have heard the same though. So first turn do the shunt move and you're in range :)