Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Tyranids Colour Scheme!!

Admittedly it's probably a little late to have just finalised my colour scheme for the tale of eight gamers, being well into phase 2 now. However I have now had chance to get down and do some painting without being disturbed too much.

However this is my final colour scheme for my Tyranids (note it isn't actually as shiny as the first photo looks, bloody flash :-P):


  1. I think it looks good. Would prefer the weapon to be of an altogether different colour though so that your opponents see easily what they are holding :)

  2. I think it looks good though disagree with the antipope - given they're living weapons it makes sense to me that they'd be "flesh" coloured (whatever colour that nid flesh happens to be) and I never liked the old garish models they used to have...

    Looks good mate, now you just have to work on doing that quickly :oP

  3. I thought about doing the guns a different colour, but couldn't think of one I'd be happy with. So I stuck with the skin colour, think it looks like good. If I were to arm the gaunt s with devourers or other weapons then the weapons would look different enough to noticed at a glance.

  4. yeah i have to agree i painted some warrior a little while ago as a test to see if i wanted to doa whole army and getting that second colour for the weapons and blending them together is really hard. if you get the carapace right, which you have then i think thats enough to make the model look good