Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Blog Wars 2011: Result

After a fantastic days worth of gaming with people around the UK at Blog Wars, I have to say a huge thanks to Alex at from the Fang for organising everything, you couldn’t have done a better job. It was a hugely enjoyable day and everyone that I spoke to seemed to be really enjoying themselves.

After my 3 games I ended up placing 3rd with 2 wins and a draw separated from second place by a narrow margin in victory points. This is far better then I expected to place, given the inherent weaknesses in the Tau codex I would have been more then happy with a mid table finish. I have to admit that given my performance in the recent ASMOH tournament I was feeling a little underwhelmed with my Taus recent performance.

Every opponent that I faced was a great opponent to play against and I hope to play against them again in the future. I will include full battle reports and photos over the next few days as I get chance to write them, but for now I’ll just write-up a quick summary.

Game 1: Spearhead, Capture and Control.
Vs. Siph Horridus of Weemen blog (Relictors space marines) **Apologies for incorrect information**

This game started off well for me, I crippled his army in the opening stages by destroying his landraider leaving his hammer terminator unit to foot slog it across the board, I was pretty much able to concentrate my fire on individual units as they became a threat. Allowing me to secure my own objective and make a dash for his. Unfortunately Siph wasn’t able to recover from his earlier losses and handed in the towel at turn 5.

Victory and 30 points for the Tau

Game 2: Dawn of war, kill points
Vs. Ginge of need more tanks (Orks)

Whenever I play Ginge and we roll (or get given) Dawn of war games, I have a habit of always winning 1st turn, this game was no different. Ginge was unable to seize. By targeting his transports early and leaving the majority of his units stuck far from combat I was able to more or less dictate the course of this battle. Ginge seemingly being unable to make a 4+ cover save didn’t help him at all though as his bikes dropped like flies to anything that shot in their general direction.

Victory and a further 30 points for the Tau

Game 3: Pitched battle, 5 objectives
Vs Andy Pattison, Sons of Sanguinius

After losing first turn I knew this was going to be an uphill battle (hell it’s bad enough playing Guard with Tau as it is). Andy more or less dominated the game, with me taking heavy casualties in the first couple of turns (couldn’t make a cover or invulnerable save at all). With the game coming to a close, I had a squad of fire warriors clinging onto one objective for dear life, while Andy held 3. I was able to charge into combat with one large squad to drag them off their objective while contesting another with gundrones (got to love them drones for that). Game went the full 7 turns, and on the final round of combat I failed 4 out of 5 armour saves. Andys consolidation roll was too low to get back into range of the objective.

Draw and 10 points for the Tau

So despite my final third place position, there is still stuff that I would have done differently. The main thing though would have been to avoid taking Farsight. Had I known about the allowance of forge world goodies, I would have taken Shas’O Ra’ail (sp?). This guy would have had a bigger impact on the games then Farsight by a long shot. The XV9 armour and specialist ammo would have had a greater impact then the dawn blade.

Overall though, I had a fantastic day and would definitely sign up for the next one.


  1. It wasn't Andy of Claws and fists game one because he played with Blood angels. Like you I can't wait for the next one

  2. Firewasp, It was Siph from Weemen and my Relictors you took apart piecemeal with overwhelming Tau Firepower! Great game even if my Landraider was out before my first turn! lol

  3. Oops, my bad was trying to write this from memory. Updated with right information now.

  4. Sorry, I'm horrendously useless at remembering names. The losing of your landraider was what crippled you, after that it was an uphill battle. I hope I get the chance to play you again at some point, give you the opportunity for revenge. :-P

    *Mental note, must not try to write up stuff without information or reference in front on me in future.

  5. My bikes did better against you than they did in their first game... it only took 14 non power weapon wounds to wipe out my squad in the first turn, as the only two armour saves I passed of the lot were the ones I'd doubled up on the normal bikers. Typical! At least you had to fire at them with more than one unit to kill them off :oP

  6. Ouch, seems you were having quite an unlucky day, even for you. Hopefully do better next year.

  7. 3rd is pretty damn good for an old codex, well done fellow vage head lover

  8. I think I was probably quite lucky in the games that I drew, although saying that, I did manage to draw against the Imperial guard player that was in second going into the third round. Which I thought was pretty impressive.