Saturday, 26 May 2012

Road to blog wars solent tournament day 1

As part of my preparation for blog wars and learning my tyranid army, this weekend i am taking part in the Solent wargamers 40K tournament. This is a 2 day 5 game tournament at 1750 points. So I am taking the same tyranid army to this and blog wars. Given that I have had one practice game with this army so far the opportunity to get 5 games in a short space of time is ideal for me.
Apologies for the lack of photos, I spent the previous night putting stacks of gaunts together so forgot to take my camera.
I shall just give a brief overview of my games so far.
Game 1 spear head kill points
My first game was against another Tyranid army consisting of 3 large squads of genestealers with broodlords, 2 small squads of y-stealers, 2 small warrior squads, a flyrant and 2 large squads of gargoyles. the game was a little tit for tat for the first few turns, taking it in turns to kill each others squads. most of the action happened in the latter stages of the game, with my swarmlord smashing his tyrant apart in combat and my trygon killing his trygon prime. His genestealers would mince a spawned squad of gaunts only to get killed in the following combat phase. eventually, my greater numbers and more numerous monstrous creatures won out in the end. at the end of turn 7 he had a lonely warrior that had fled to the back corner of the board and only survived due to the hive guard being out of range by 1/2".

Game 2: pitched battle, seize ground.
Unfortunately given my overwhelming success in the first game and the near tabling of my opponent. I was catapulted to the top of the scoreboard and would now face the beard knights (ahem, sorry grey knights). Who brought the cheesiest army he could think of (not meant as an insult, the guy made no bones about it). If I remember correctly his army was simply crowe, inquisitor (for the skulls), 3 pysflemen dreads, purgation squad and as many purifiers as he could fit in carrying titans entire stock of psycannons all mounted in rhinos. This game was pretty one sided from the start, with my critters getting cleansing flamed to death and my larger beasts just getting rended to death. Not really a lot else to say. Swarmlord beat crowe in combat though. woot.
I have learnt what i need to do to stand a better chance against this army though. So hopefully be able to do a bit better in the next encounter (not getting multicharged then cleansing flames by two squads should help (and people think flechette dischargers and nasty)

Game 3: Pitched battle, seize ground (no thats not a copy paste error)
Back to the middle tables. This game was against a blood angel army mainly in drop pods. 2 librarian dreads in pods, 1 furioso dread in a pod, 2 normal dreads, 2 librarians with small squads and a squad of death company. I deployed in a centralised part of the battlefield and filled in as much space with gaunts to prevent him podding into my lines. My hive guard performed admirably this game managing to disable most of his dreadnoughts with impunity. The swarmlord ran amok this game killing anything that came close to him. a few unfortunate rolls for my opponent left me dominating the psychic part of the game, his hoods not preventing a single power from going off. However his death company just laughed off wave after wave of preferred enemy and toxin sac furious charging gaunts being the only fly in the ointment.

So all in all not a bad day for getting some practice in with my Tyranids. With 2 wins and a lose under my belt, I'll be going into tomorrow, not far off the top of the board and facing orks. A 3 battle wagon list with lots of grot tanks. Which should be fun

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