Saturday, 24 October 2009

Tale of Four gamers November painting list

So my 500 points worth of Tau for the November stage of TOFG consists of the following:
  1. Crisis Commander
  2. Two bodyguards
  3. 10 Firewarriors
  4. Hammerhead
I may, depending on time paint another 2 firewarriors to have a legal army and a couple of gun drones to additional firepower (read ablative wounds) for my suits.
I figure that with this selection in the first month I won't get bored of painting too many of one thing at any time. It will also force me to choose a colour scheme for the main components of my army; suits, vehicles and firewarriors.

My intention is to have variations of a theme for each different facet of the army, while keeping the same general colours on each, this will keep the army varied yet uniform. Also, it might help to test my painting skills.

See how it turns out eh?

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