Wednesday, 4 November 2009

TOFG; So far this month

So far this month I must admit I haven't made any real progress on my painting. With a high priority project at work taking 13 hours of my day for the next 9 days at least. This trend looks set to continue.
I have however managed to basecoat my hammerhead, I'll try to get some photos up of it as work progresses, although it would probably work out better to do this with my devilfish.

So not looking good so far


  1. Dude you work too hard :oP

    There's rumours kicking around that someone in BT would like to change our shift pattern from 4 on 4 off to week of days, week of nights, week off. Hmm, so work 2 in 3 instead of 1 in 2, and do 2 84 hour weeks? They implement that one and I'm outta there!

    I got one squad of Orks done, working on the trucks (in segments, such a brilliant detailed model but I don't see how you can paint it if you assemble it first!) and still using up old bases I have trying to get my basing scheme to look right. Why the hell did I decide to do them on snow?!? :oP

  2. Tell me about it, although i did manage to do a hell of a lot more on my hammerhead of the past two nights.
    Nearly finished now I'll post up a few pictures when it's done. Looks alot different to my previous painting style tell the truth I'm quite proud of it.

    I think it's against european legislation for working hours to work 2 84 hour weeks back to back. Although i think they are seeing it as getting rid of a shift, I take it you are running 4 at the moment. using the above system you'll only need three.
    Want me to have a look at the basing scheme when you visit next weekend?

  3. Nah I hope to hve it down "cold" in the next couple days ;oP

    We sign out of European working time laws in order to do our 48 hour week... no way in hell I'd do an 84. Plus I couldn't do 7 day shifts on the trot. I'm usually dead after 2! The travel makes it a 16 hour day for me, there's no way in hell I could do more of them in a row!