Thursday, 10 December 2009

Death Guard saturday

I have been having a look at the models I have available for this weekends game against death guard. After looking through the dex I think my best net against the plague marines are fireknife configured crisis suits. followed by an ion cannon armed hammerhead gunship.
so my list will consist of the following:
-ShasO plasma rifle, missile pod, multi traker, bonding knife, stimulant injector 127
-2xShas'ui plasma rifle, missile pod, drone controllers, 1 shield drones, 2 gun drones 154
-Shas'el cyclic ion blaster,missile pod,bonding knife, 2 gun drones 102
-2xShas'ui missile pod TL, fusion blaster, 110
-8 firewarriors teamleader, in fish with pods and multi tracker 185 (x2)
-Ion head,dis pods, multi tracker, burst cannons 130
total 993

I'm expecting the fireknifes to get one round of shooting in before they attract attention. The army is quite manoueverable and should cover 12" a turn quite easily. hopefully allowing me to deal wiith o.e elememt of the opposition at a time.

well thats the plan anyway. :-P

1 comment:

  1. Looks like a solid list to me. Just be careful with your suits and never do anything risky with them lol.