Monday, 17 January 2011

Tale of (TBC) Gamers

From November 2009 till February 2010 I took part in a ‘Tale of four gamers’ type event with a couple of my friends. Although my end score was relatively low, due to the steep learning curve of the Tau army combined with my slow painting and few opportunities to get practice games in, it was a great motivator to get the majority of my Tau army painted in a relatively short space of time. Far quicker then I would normally have be able to. Although I met relatively few of the deadlines and came last overall it was a fun challenge that I relished.

So when my friend suggested running another one this year, I thought it would be a great opportunity to make a start on my new Tyranid army.

I previously played Tyranids in second addition, though stopped about halfway through third edition, my Black Templars were my new favourite army at this point, although I still continued to collect Tyranids just didn’t put them together. I was tempted to start them on the previous ToFG competition, but fancied collecting a shooty army instead. Hence collecting my Tau. Although my desire to collect another Tyranid army has never dwindled. Unfortunately I sold my big pile of Tyranids a few years ago. So I’ll be starting my army from scratch.

I won’t reiterate the rules here, the event organiser has made quite a comprehensive post of all the details Here. There are a couple of differences for the latest event though. The major one that will help me out is the extended deadlines. With having approximately 8 weeks to complete the 500 point blocks rather then the 1 month which I struggled with previously.

One of my main concerns with collecting the Tyranids for the escalation (if I decide to go) is the first 500 points. Played using combat patrol rules, So no toughness 6+, no 2+ saves, no more then 2 wounds. So no Hive tyrant, no Tyranid prime, no Tyranid warriors, no Tervigon, no Shrikes and no Trygon Prime. Leaving me with only one option for synapse, Zoanthropes. Which aren’t ideal in a combat patrol army. If facing an opponent with a psyker in, they can get shut down far too easily, leaving me without any anti tank.

Any suggestions?


  1. Well you've got a couple options... design it to work without synapse (hello genestealers) or paint up 500 points that you want, sod synapse, and lose your first game heinously as all your gribblies cower or flee... but it doesn't matter, cos the bonus point for month one is getting a game in, REGARDLESS of the result. So get some troops and stuff done and worry about synapse from month 2. :o)

    Oh and we have 7 confirmed, I'm trying to collar an 8th to make administering the thing easier. Scott has decided he can't do it as he want's to concentrate on his skaven so Eldar are out, just waiting to hear back from our Grey Knights player. If he says yes I'll set things up to go, if he declines I might just do a quick run out see if I can find an 8th player at short notice...

    I'll still be tagging it Tale Of Four Gamers on my blog though, cos that way both campaigns (and any future ones) will be grouped together in searches.

  2. Either option isn't ideal though. The tyranid army doesn't really work without synapse. Admittedly I could take genestealers, but I'd probably end up spending my first game chasing metal boxes around the table. The other option of forgetting synapse entirely, seems a little no fun for me or the opponent to turn up and put my models on the table. Then take them off again.

    Be good if you can get an 8th person to take part, make the whole thing easier to organise.

  3. We're on for TOEG.

    Take Hormogaunts and stuff whose instinctive behaviour is to feed perhaps? You won't have much control over the army but at least it's heading for the enemy :oP

    Got a choice of finales on my blog, would be interested in your opinion.

  4. Still subject to standard morale checks though, lose as couple and your running away most of the time. With less chance to regroup. I think Genestealers would be my best bet.

  5. I didnt know you couldnt have no T6+, this means ofc that Scott cant use his Hive Guard if he wants to play a combat patrol game in the first period :S

    I wouldnt worry too much about anti psyker in combat patrol, A you have the best anti psyker ability in shadow of the warp and B its all if they get within 24" of you, if they are that close you will probable have something nasty to twat them a little closer.

    I think the plus sides of Zoans in the smaller games outweigh the negatives and you have your anti 3+ and anti tank all rolled into 1 tidy package. Plus you can split them up for greater coverage and reduce enemy shootings effectiveness

  6. Hmm, just been checking it out, I think you are right, toughness isn't a factor, just checked the BFG rules for combat patrol. I'm sure I've heard the no greater then toughness 5 from somewhere before though.