Sunday, 23 January 2011

Stromraven coming to a chapter near you soon

Although a little late for the storm raven unveiling, I quite like the model. I think it looks quite fitting with the rest of the space marine vehicle range. Certainly the 360 view on the GW site looks fantastic.
The only downside is that I can't use one with my Black Templars, or can I?
According to a rumour that I heard, White Dwarf will be publishing rules for using the Stormraven within other space marine chapters. Given GWs number 1 selling army are marines of various colours and flavours, this move makes perfect sense on their part.
Here's hoping that I can add some Stormravens to my templars at some point.


  1. The multi chapter things is hinted at in WD aswell when they guy explains the doors are rhino size so you can use forgeworld doors, to make it more chapter specific as it only comes with BA and GK symbols ( i assume )

  2. I reckon, they will give it until after the grey knights release, then publish the rules for use by all chapters.