Friday, 18 February 2011


Apologies for the lack of posts lately, life and my current project have taken up all of my free time, no time for blogging. However thought I would post a few photos of my (finally) completed combat patrol force for Winds of War 2011 run by Bracknell Forest Gamers.
My team mate and I came up with the idea of doing Halo themed space marine armies, about 8 months ago, so me being me decided to start building and painting my force about 3 weeks ago. Given the average speed of my painting (painfully slow) this was probably a bad move on my part. However without further ado, here is Spartan II Wolf Company:
Gauss Warthog (Counts as Razorback with lascannon TL plasma)
Standard Warthog (Counts as standard Razorback)
Blue Squad (Grey hunters; meltagun and mark of the wulfen)
Red Squad (as blue)
Green squad (long fangs 4 x missile)
Gold Squad (wolf guard x 3)

So that's my halo themed space wolf army, comments / constructive criticism welcome)


  1. THAT.....IS.....AWESOME!

    Very impressed! Where did you get the heads from for the Spartans??

  2. The heads were from pig iron productions. Warthogs are action clix models, modified with 40K weaponry, plasma swords are clear plastic cut to shape.
    Thanks for the compliment though.