Wednesday, 4 May 2011

ASMOH: Practice round 2

I had the opportunity to head down to my local Games Workshop again last night for another ASMOH practice game. I couldn’t get a game against the opponent that I wanted to play against (Grey Knights) due to the staff not making a note of my table booking. So I ended up playing a smaller game (1000 Points) against a newer player and his combined Chaos marine and Deamon list. So I trimmed a broadside and a hammerhead from my list to drop me to the 1000 points.


Not going to go into too much detail as the game was pretty painful to watch, suffice to say that over the course of the game my opponent hesitated too much over which direction he was taking his models, at first heading in one direction then the other. Ultimately leading to him only reaching a single squad of firewarriors, which I could have moved away but felt bad for him so let him take them out.


At the end of the game I had lost a gun drone and the squad of firewarriors for tabling him. This is probably one of the first times I have felt bad about winning a game. So I spent a few minutes after the game going through my opponents mistakes and trying to give him some hints and tips on how to beat me with his army. His crucial mistake was moving in one direction in his first turn and then doubling back. So I encouraged him to be more aggressive with his army, with his army as it stands he was never going to out shoot me, but he could sure as hell have given me a kicking in combat. Against my army he needed to ram his chaos marines down my Taus throat. Sure he’d have taken a few casualties on the way in, but he would have more then made up for it once he got there.


  1. Meanie. Beating up a kid :oP

  2. Couldn't help it. I was even rolling badly.