Thursday, 26 May 2011

Blog wars army list 2011

So here is my army list for Blog Wars 2011 with about 47 hrs to go before the deadline.
This army has had absolutely no play testing. Nor has it been designed to face any particular army. It's just been a case of hashing my ASMOH list to fit O'Shovah in and moving points around till I hit 1750.

My plan is to not die too horribly. Although I would have liked to have added kroot and piranhas to the list. I don't have any built or painted. With working on my Tyranids I wouldn't have time to build or paint them regardless.

O'Shovah (170)
Bodyguard, plasmagun, missile pod, multi-tracker, hardwired drone controller 2x shield drones (102)
Bodyguard, plasmagun, missile pod, multi-tracker (72)

Shas'El, fusion gun, missile pod, positional relay, Hard wired target lock, hard wired drone controller 1x shield drone 1x gun drone (119)

3x Crisis Suits (211)
Plasma gun, missile pod multitrackers
Leader with hardwired drone controller and 2 gun drones

3x Crisis suits (179)
2x Burst cannon, 3x missile pod, 1x fusion gun, multitrackers
Leader with hardwired drone controller and 2 gun drones

6 firewarriors (60)
6 firewarriors (60)
6 firewarriors (60)
9 firewarriors (90)

6x Pathfinders (72)
Devilfish, disruption pod (85)

Broadsides (305)
Advanced stabilisation system
-Leader, plasma, hardwired drone controller 2x shield drones, hard wired target lock, hard wire multi-tracker
-Broadside with ASS and plasma
-Broadside with ASS SMS

Hammerhead (165)
Railgun, burst cannons, disruption pod and multi-tracker.

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  1. Hi,

    If I was going to Blog Wars with Tau I'd pick O'Shovah as well.

    If you have a skyray you could fill that last HS slot, but like most people I bet you haven't got one (mine isn't painted yet), as most people rarely use them.

    I was shocked about all the fire warriors on foot. I'd rather lose the unit of 9 fire warriors to get another devilfish, so at least 2 units could be mounted.

    Hopefully you'll do better than ASMOH. Good luck :)


  2. I have the parts to build 2 sky rays. Just not the time to paint them. I brought the sky rays as they have the hammerhead sprues in there as well :-).

    I think if I had the time I'd play shadowsun and try a kroot piranha blocking army. I prefer Farsight but wouldn't mind taking a different approach with my Tau just for a bit of variety.

    I got rather disappointed with vehicles at ASMOH. It seemed that as soon as one penetrating hit got through, they dropped from the sky. At 85 points a tank (Devilfish with D'pods), I think they are far too expensive. With most new armies being able to get to you by turn 2 the disruption pods aren't effective for long.

    I intend to use firewarriors as blocking units I have had some success with this in the past, admittedly they are more expensive then Kroot, but Farsight (and lack of models) prevents me taking kroot.

    With the positional relay I can hold most of my army in reserve if need be allowing me a bit more flexibility as to when my army arrives. Which will help for 2 out of 3 missions.

  3. Interesting looking list will look forward to see how it plays out on the day.

    Shame you are being limited by painted models I know how that feels.

  4. I look forward to seeing how it plays out on the day as well, won't really get much opportunity beforehand :-P

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  6. *last post deleted as entered before I finished*

    I've managed a few games with mine but only in 2v2 so might be awful alone.

    Hoping I get to go against you so can see how you play T'au as the only other person I seen use it was the lad who sold me his.

  7. I wouldn't put much faith in my play style for competitive games. I'm far from competitive.