Friday, 1 June 2012

Solent tournament day 2

So with day 1 completed. I started day 2 towards the top half of the field. a solid win followed by a complete pasting then another win saw me yo-yoing up and down the leader board.

Game 4: capture and control, pitched battle.
My opponent this round was an ork army. Three battlewagons, 8 grot tanks with a grot command tank, two normal squads of boyz and a squad of hard boyz with mad doc and a warboss, and the obligatory mek with kff. 
First off, grot tanks are nasty, move 2d6, shoot twice. 5+ invulnerable.
Ork player gets first turn, does the inevitable moves everything forward as far as it will go. Shooting wounds a Tervigon. I shuffle my advance termagants back a bit to prevent them from being dethrollered. My shooting takes out the grot command tank and a grot tank. Orks move forward as far as possible again, just being out of tank shock range (hehe), mad doc gets out and charges the termagants on my objective. I lose. he spends the rest of the game sitting in the trees resisting wave after wave of spawned gaunts. while the rest of my army with the exception of 2 Trygons were dancing with deathrollers. Eventually I managed to wade through his battlewagons and get the swarmlord back to my objective. Once there the combined charge of a Tervigon, my swarmlord and guard and a squad of genestealers managed to remove them. While on his objective my two Trygons had smashed the grot tanks and eaten his squad sitting on the objective.
Game to the tyranids.

Game 5: seize ground spearhead.
So onto the final game. My opponent in this mission was the same tyranid player from the first round. So loads of infiltrating genestealers and ygmarls. This was another tit for tat game. With me setting  up to try and take the charge on expendable gaunts, then counter his genestealers. unfortunately some lucky failed Morales checks and casualty rates meant that most combats ended in my turn leaving him free to get another charge off in his turn. That and forgetting that units don't move normally on the turn they regroup cost me this game.

The games were scored on turns 5, 6 and 7 for winning and losing. My scores were as follows:

Round 1: win win win
Round 2: lose lose lose

Round 3: win draw win. Round 4 draw win win Round 5: lose draw draw. This left me 5th overall. So not too bad for my first tyranid outing. Overall an enjoyable and well run tournament. I look forward to the next one.

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