Monday, 11 January 2010

Angels and turrets

As pretty much everyone who reads any blogs and/or subscribes to the Gamesworkshop newsletter knows by now, blood angels are on their way.

While the news of another marine chapter isn't remotely unexpected I would have hoped that it would be time for a Templar update. Admittedly there are far older codexes out there, it seems that the templars are reduced to a one trick pony.

From the email it seems that blood angels are set to be a deep striking army with a good smattering of furious charge. Basic assault marines as troop choices. Which would be handy for objective grabbing. I would also imagine some ability to charge on a deep strike ala vanguard veterans.

With all the latest releases for marines (chaos included) I'm hoping that they haven't exhausted their creativity for combat marine armies by the time they reach templars.

For my tofg this month I have so far been working on my hammerhead. I have been working on a way of making the turret able to rotate, detach and accept different weapons. This will see full use in my next vehicle the skyray-ion-rail-head.


  1. I have to admit, as an ex-Templar player, I'm also worried. In fact, the one trick ponyness is what drew me away from them in the first place. They just didn't fit my style of play anymore. You're basically screwed unless you take two Land Raider Crusaders, which is boring. I want hordes of 20-man strong squads!

  2. i dont think another marine army is needed esp as there are other "races" is desperate need of an update. there trying to make more money on the marines as they dont have to release huge amounts of models just a few chars and weapon choices on dreads and tanks. starting to bore of the way they do things now its taking some of the fun out of the hobby and white dwarf is becoming pointless to buy just for the odd article

  3. I bought White Dwarf for a total of 5 issues I think. That was only because of the Tale of Four Gamers articles, and once that was over the magazine went back to being rubbish again.

    Please, not another new Marine codex. I was annoyed at the Blood Angels being released when they don't really need it.

    It does seem to be a Marine dex, then a non-Marine dex, then a Marine dex again. Wasn't it: Orks, Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Space Wolves, Tyranids, Blood Angels?

  4. Yeah, Although deamons was released before orks. I was sort of hoping that the next marine release would be Templars, They are the most out of date marine codex. Even counting the wolves before the update due to their previous codex being refer to marine codex.

    At the moment, Tau are crippled by fifth edition rules and overpriced units. Templars are out assaulted and outshoot by wolves and marines. Yet cost more.

    While I agree that the current codexes are balanced against each other. But the older ones are really starting to show their age.

  5. Yeah I agree with that. I think codex creep is less prevalent than it used to be. As you say though, the old codices are starting to show their age now. There are little flares of brilliance from the old armies, such as the one trick pony list of the Dark Eldar, and the Witch Hunters are laughing all the way to the bank whenever they face a horde. However the lists only work against specific situations, whereas the newer dexes can be take-all-comers and still be effective

  6. yeah totally with the tau i mean 12pts for a firewarrior against 15pts for a marine, and he comes with frag, krak, 3+ save, marine stats, genetically reduced penis lol. they do have the best tanks n the game though wargear wise, 10pts to kill off a horde of charging orks or nids with flechettes and 5pts or 10pts cant remember to ignore shooting at range on a 4+. troops and suits need update though esp the non tau units

  7. Firewarriors are only 10 points a head. Although even for that they are overcosted. While I agree the vehicle upgrades are good, you really do need them to survive, then when its 175 points for a hammerhead, with railgun, burst cannons, flechettes, multitracker and disruption pod. It's quite expensive.