Friday, 8 January 2010

ToFG: Month two (and a half :-P)

So for my ToFG for december I did 1 broadside, 2 devilfish, 10 firewarriors and 3 Crisis suits. For other participants entry's check out the following links: Ginge - Orks Chris - Imperial Guard and Rich - Chaos Marines

Tau Broadside, From Forgeworld with plasma rifles

Tau Crisis Team 2

Tau Crisis Team 1

Tau Devilfish

Tau month 2 family photo


  1. Really nice camo scheme on the Pathfinder's DFish. You're very optimistic about your crisis suits ankles :P

  2. Awesome camo scheme... so THAT's why we haven't seen the Tau so far! Well, apart from a few flying dinner plates... ;oP

  3. Yeah quite optimistic about the ankles hopefully they'll keep though.

  4. They're alright unless you drop them. If you do break them then you can just stick a thin rod through the leg and through the ankle/foot and into the base. Would just have to be careful about drilling I guess.

    Read on your other blogpost about the camo pattern. It sounds easy to do, and very effective, just the way I like my painting lol.

  5. yeah looking good, like flying tree huggers, cant wait to kill them with my chaos awesomeness

  6. Hehe, flying tree hugger. :-P

    The Tau welcome all into their empire, flora and fauna alike.