Thursday, 7 January 2010

ToFG: Late, and late again!

Well despite the two snow days, my tau army is still not going to have the last things added for the the December painting by the late date. By the end of this evening I expect to have the gun drones for the devilfish yet to do. As well as guns for the crisis suits and the basing to do. It has been an epic attempt over the past few days though to try and get it completed.

I think the mistake I have made is trying to do one devilfsh the same as my suits. I'll post pictures later and you'll get the idea. It has taken about 6 times as long to complete the main body of the devilfish this way. (the main colours on the first DF took my approx 45mins. By the time I had finished highlighting the second one it had taken nearly 6 hours!!)

On the plus side, the broadside looks amazing as do the crisis suits and firewarriors. I'll post pictures soon.


  1. So close, yet so far.

    Looking forward to seeing the pictures though.

    I don't think I'll be done this month. I only just made the last deadline, but this time round I have to paint them up a bit better and it's the most I have yet had to paint to date. Not to mention my exam and coursework deadlines this month!

    Think I might have to knock it on the head and accept defeat :P

  2. Dear Firewasp please read this urgently.

    Refer back to your blog post on "A bit of Background".

    You have used an image created by one of the Battlefield 40k artists without permission and you are leeching bandwidth from the battlefield 40k teams website that costs our team money personally to run. Please would you remove the image as soon as possible.

    Regards Lionheart.

  3. I can't wait to see how your 'fish look!

  4. @Lionheart: Sorry for the misuse of your image. I just found it on google image search. Hope you can forgive my indiscretion in this case.

    @NockerGeek: I will hopefully be able to post images later this evening. The Fish look pretty neat. The camo one will hopefully make more sense when I have finished my pathfinders.

    I think that I'll probably be late this month as well being as last months set me back till today :-P

  5. Haha way to go stealing people's pictures there :P

    It is now the 8th and I have only painted the jackets on 5 men.... uh-oh.

  6. It is now the 8th, and I am about to undercoat this months workload :oS

  7. Rich must be laughing at us 3 by now. I've only undercoated 25 infantry. Still yet to even glue together three tanks, 10 guardsmen and the commissars. Infact, 2 of the tanks and the commissars are yet to arrive!

  8. Everyones running a little late then. Hopefully my low load this month will help to get me up and running again quickly. Then into the final month!!

  9. Well that took a bit longer than expected... had a bit of trouble undercoating. The snow had drifted against my conservatory door and frozen solid. I couldn't get through to my spraying area :oS

    Eventually climbed through the kitchen window and did my spraying before clambering, model laden, back through. Interesting afternoon anyway...

  10. Hi,

    Thank you for responding quickly and removing the image Firewasp.

    Regards Lionheart

  11. Surprised your neighbour didn't call the cops ginge.

    Start on this months models now.

    No problem lionheart

  12. The kitchen window between the kitchen and conservatory... the only windows that have a chance of seeing in is the roof glass and they're under a worryingly thick layer of snow... :oS