Sunday, 3 June 2012

Blog wars 3 round up

So two tournaments in two weekends is now completed.
Once again blog wars proved to be a fantastic tournament which was hugely entertaining and with some great looking armies on display.
I will try to post some battle summaries over the next few days, but suffice to say I didn't win a single game. So not that great. Although I do think that my performance was better then final tournament positions show. First game was against grey knights  :-(. Killpoints, pitched battle. I thought this was going to be quite a one sided battle. However we ended up separated by two kill points and only 4 victory points. So a loss, but a narrow one.
Second game was a cleanse mission against an outflanking imperial army. I think, given a bit more time I could have won this game. However I just couldn't quite reach all of his units to kill them. Draw.
Third game was night fight (yay) loads of objectives. Against dark elder.. (ah....crap). This game ended with a turn 5 contest by a venom allowing the dark elder player to draw. A 6th turn probably would have seen him with a few troops sitting on their last objective.

So all told, despite not winning a single game, I played against lists which would normally crack tyranids quite easily in all missions which favoured my opponents and only lost a single game. Most disappointed for me was not winning the painting. I was hoping for that. Would like to know if I actually got any votes. but oh well. Can't win them all.

Congratulations to Alex for running another great tournament and I hope I can make the fourth blog wars.


  1. Thanks for coming mate. Suffice to say you did get some votes for your army but as I mentioned in my post, only half the people there voted which is disappointing.

    Matt (your opponent in the first game) said he'd "never had a more difficult game against Tyranids" especially considering he had a solid GK list.

    Hopefully see you again at BW4

  2. Thanks for letting me know Alex, much appreciated. Regardless of the final standings I had an absolute blast of a day. Every opponent I faced was an great person to play against. Jon enjoyed the day as well.
    Was an interesting game against Matt, after getting a complete pasting in my first game against grey knights, I put what I learned into practice. I hope he enjoyed our game as much as I did.
    I'm looking forward to blog wars 4. Thanks for organising another fantastic day.