Friday, 27 November 2009


Right then people, time for some more ToFG photos. This time as you can tell by the post heading, I will be showing some photos of my firewarriors.

Comment and constructive criticism more then welcome. Work on the battlesuits and drones continue. Hopefully be able to bring pictures of them on monday.


  1. Impressive stuff! The orange lines must have taken literally forever to do.

    Seeing you guys paint such nice models makes me feel bad about my poor neglected Guardsmen :P

  2. Yeah i like the markings i never got round to it on mine (lazy). i prefere the firewarriors to the tank though the paint scheme looks better on small scale, tanks good but firewariors look much nicer. not keen on your bases though, when i do just static grass like that i pain thte base brown first as the black n green look unusual but each to there own :P your tau would look good ranked up next to mine big mash of green and blue

  3. I'm not sure how infantry can be comparable to a massive tank but there ya go :P

    I used black rims on the bases for my Blood Ravens. My bases were alot darker than yours and I think the bright colours on the Fire Warriors makes a nice juxtaposition with the black rims, really makes them stand out.

    How did you get the grass to stick up like that? I used static grass on two of my flames of war bases (first time I've ever used it) but it didn't come out like that.

  4. I like the black rims. I think It helps the model stand out a little. On the tank, if I were to use a similar paint scheme it appears a bit neon. I quite like it, Although for the next model I think I'll step up the camouflage for the next tank a little though.

    I paint the base with PVA, sprinkle the grass onto the base leave for a few seconds, invert the model then tap the bottom of the base a few times.

  5. Just mean that the scheme looks better on the Firewarriors than the tank scale wise but like Ken said it would look more neon on the tank so can see why hes dont it like that, still looks good though. Id try and get the grass off the edges of the base i think thats why im not that keen on it looks a bit messy and im really fussy with mine lol

  6. On the next group I'll probably use a sand and grass combination. Admittedly it does need some slight tidying up around the edges.
    They do look pretty good next to each other though.
    Time to do the Battlesuits then I guess. :-P

  7. I've heard some varnish on the base tidies it up quite well and also stops the sand falling off. Another thing I havn't done myself but it's supposedly good!

  8. Fire Warriors look good dude... and nice idea with the upside down thing to make the grass stand up. So gonna have to do that... well, not in ToFG, cos I don't think snow stands up all that well... :oP