Thursday, 26 November 2009

Magnetic Attraction..?

As some of you may know, for my ToFG army I'm constructing a Tau army. My original intention is to have magnets to hold weapons in place, due to the nauture of tau battlesuits and, when constructed, my ever evolving game-plan. I thought it would be nice to be able to switch the weapons.

Over the past few evenings I have constructed three battle suits each with 6 little magnets at strategic locations. This has proved a royale pain in the arse to do, the magnets are fidely and have a tendency to not stick to plastic with super glue. But an amazing ability to stick to me. Whats really annoying though is when you finally get one in place and then realise the polarity is wrong. Which has happened numerous times.

Oh well, least its done now, just got to paint the things (and four drones) in 5 days. Working 3 off them. 12 hour shifts. I'll guess a roughly 40% chance of it happening


  1. If you don't make the deadline try to get them done by the 7th so you at least make the late deadline and get some points for your troubles.

    While this will eat into your december painting time, I assume you won't be working quite as much over christmas? May have a little time you can catch up in?

  2. I will do, I have about 18 days off over christmas so i'll hopefully be able to catch up. Shame to drop points in the first month though.

  3. You can gain your points back on the battlefield with the blood of your enemies! MWAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. I hear your pain with the magnets sticking more to flesh than plastic! It is worth while if you have the time to fiddle.

  5. Be nice to not have to rely on the tau for winning back points in battle. But what the hey I'll give it a go. :-P

    I was thinkin if trying slightly bigger magnets next time. Hopefully give a little more scope for handling. Plus it would allow me to use metal rather then another magnet to hold the weapons in place. So polarity wouldn't be a problem.