Thursday, 12 November 2009

Ooohhh ...Shiney..

Having recently received £20 of GW vouchers for my birthday from my lovely sister (thanks Caroline!) and with the other money I was given. I decided to take advantage of the Games-workshops on-line stores free delivery for this month.
To that effect I have ordered the following:
-1 Blister pack of pathfinders with rail rifles
-1 Devilfish transport
-1 squad of firewarriors
-1 Hammerhead

So can anyone guess what I'm going to be painting for the next month of tofg?

This leaves me with not an awful lot left to buy for my tau, the one danger I have is rumours of the new dex being around march time. Bet they release all the cool new models the month after we finish tofg. joy!

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