Sunday, 8 November 2009

Tau Hammerhead

Well as promised here are some photos of my hammerhead gunship. This is nearly completed, a few minor details need to be added here and there but nothing major.

I decided to go for the 'speckled' camouflage effect as I prefer this method to the block/stripped effect.

After seeing the orange stripes on Adams (of warhammer tau) vehicles I though this would look striking next to the green camo. Certainly more so then the blue I originally tried.

The Railgun is held in place by a magnet to allow easy swapping of weapons. So if the Ion cannon is worth taking in the next codex I can.


  1. Really decent job you've done there! If you want to save time and not do any more detail work I'd say you can easily get away with it.

  2. Yeah unfortunately it's not until you see it under bright light that some of the detail shines through.
    I've noticed on some of the photos there are white spots on the model, there are from where the hole was drilled for the magnet, stupidly done after painting but the magnets didn't arrive til friday. So needs to be air dusted to get those off.
    Also the engine exhausts I've noticed some plastic inside which will need coating.
    Thanks for the compliment though.

    See I can paint more then black :-P

  3. Oh yeah, I didn't notice the platic bits on the engine. What does look nice is if you cut out a piece of plasticard and fill the engine holes up, and get some sort of glowing effect there. I didn't do it myself as I felt the engines were ok as is.

    I hadn't had a chance to look at your Templars properly, apart from one of your Land Raiders (which was decent!). Tau are a whole different ball game, and their flat surfaces make Space Marines look as smooth as the moon.

  4. Looks good, I like the burn marks round the gun barrel. Though you need to move one of the pics, you have it in the middle of a paragraph, hence the hard to read bit down the side of one picture :oP

    Got one squad and two trucks done now (just a bit of weathering to do on the trucks) only 22 Orks to go :oS

  5. Neeeeaaaaarly got the pic right, you've still got the "I" from the start of the sentence clinging on, like a little stink nugget :oP

  6. and fixed, strange I actually didn't make any mods from your first comment, never got round to it.

    Finished some more minor touches on the hammerhead, engine nacelles now have a nice glowy blue port at the back, and the targeters on the burst cannons have been given a gem like effect.

  7. you love it when bits of your tau starting with the ariels atart falling off