Monday, 23 November 2009

ToFG month 2 painting list

For next month. I shall be painting.

2xdevilfish approx 200points
10xfirewarriors approx 120 points
3xcrisis suits approx 150 points
1xbroadside approx 90 points

List in on time was the easy bit. :-)


  1. ooh so 6 battlesuits so far in total? Interesting! How are you kitting them out?

    Mounted firewarriors is always a good thing.

    Broadsides are one of my favourite units. If you can protect them from being charged they're the most effective anti-tank the Tau have in my opinion. It's also worth taken 3 of them protected by shield drones as well. 2+/4+ drones?! Can't complain at that ;)

  2. Oh how Rich wished he had those drones when my vets outflanked (I think this was under the last codex.)

    3 plasma guns. 6 shots. 3 dead Broadsides.

    My dice are normally horrific, but I seem to have good luck with the scatter dice, and wildly swinging luck with plasma. Some days everything I point a plasma at dies from sheer fright... other days my troops kill themselves with wild abandon. I've seen games against assault armies where my own plasma has claimed more of my army in the first three turns than the opposition!

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  4. I don't know he never took shield drones with his broadsides, they're invaluable. He couldn't make them work in his army, but that's because it didn't fit with his mechanised tactics.

    Whatever army I collect I've noticed a trend, and you can see it in my first 2 ToFG lists. So I have a static firebase that rarely moves for the whole game, and then have units deep striking and outflanking. The exception to the firebase was my Plaguemarines, who have no long-range capabilities so the firebase had to mount up.

    You can't get a better anti-tank firebase than 3 broadsides firing twinlinked Railguns. If you take pathfinders your enemy won't be getting cover saves on their precious tanks anytime soon. With 5th Ed you need multiple shots on vehicles now to be sure of damaging a vehicle beyond usefulness if you don't destroy it.